API Manager

The DCKAP Integrator API Manager provides a user-friendly template to add, edit, manage and store any number of system APIs. The APIs that are added here are later used in Flows and Mapping.

Add/Edit API

To manage a new API, click on "Add New" on the API manager page. A new window will open and this is where you will define parameters and other details for your API.

For a custom system, APIs can be added only when it has at least one credential.

DCKAP Integrator API Manager is only intended to manage APIs. The API is expected to be available in the respective systems. Adding an API here will not create the API in the respective system.

Provide the values for the below fields.

  1. Name: Provide a suitable name for your API. Example: Magento2 Update Customers, P21 Get Customer Info, etc.

  2. Status: This is a toggle ON/OFF button that allows you to enable/disable an API

  3. Provide request method, URL, headers, params and body for the API

  4. Provide request and response to use in the mapping. Learn more.

  5. Provide other details section (Optional)

  6. API can be tested from here if needed. Navigate to Test API

  7. Click Save API button to save this API.

Use the Save All API button to save multiple added/modified APIs at once

For protocols like FTP and SFTP, APIs cannot be added. Instead, it will be used with the help of flow handlers like FTP Reader, FTP Writer, SFTP Reader & SFTP Writer.

For Mapping: Request and Response

The Request and Response sections contain sample JSON data. The keys given in this JSON sample are displayed as fields in the Mapping area Source and Destination sections to enable mapping.

The sample request and response fields are optional (but recommended) in the API Manager. If no data is entered here, then the Source and Destination fields will be empty on the Mapping configuration page.

Other Details

Skip Authentication

Ability to skip the parent system authentication. Applicable only to systems using the following protocols - OAuth1, OAuth2, NTLM, Amazon-LWA.

Override Timeout

This is a toggle ON/OFF button that lets you choose between custom/default "maximum allowed time" values, before which a Timeout error is thrown. Users can enter only 4-digit numeric values in the Connect and Read fields.

  • Override Timeout ON: Once the Override Timeout is set to ON, two fields- Connect and Read- are displayed. You may set a time (in seconds) in both these fields.

    • "Connect" refers to the maximum allowed time for DCKAP Integrator to establish communication with the system to which the API call is made.

    • "Read" refers to the maximum allowed time for the system to respond back to DCKAP Integrator.

  • Override Timeout OFF: Setting the Override Timeout to OFF, will consider default values for "Connect" and "Read".

  • The default value for Read = 240 seconds. The default value for Connect = 30 seconds


Provide the description/notes for the API

Create as Custom API

This is applicable to Global APIs only. Using this option, any global API can be duplicated and created as a custom API to make necessary modifications.

Test API

Navigate below to learn about API testing from Integrator

pageTest API

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