The Projects page is considered the epicenter of the integration process, where users can create, edit and access all the projects that they have access to.

All projects are displayed as individual cards with details - project name and project owner name. Click anywhere on the project card to navigate to the project space, where the user can access, edit and create different features (Integrations, Systems, Flows and so on) of the project.

Starred Projects

Users can star the most used or favourite projects to make them stand out and easily accessible on the project's screen.

My Projects

All the projects which the logged-in user owns will be listed here

Shared With Me

All the projects to which the logged-in user got shared access to will be listed here. Please note that the project will be displayed here only after the user accepted the project invite.

The above tabs will be displayed only if it has any project. If the user doesn't own any project, the "My Projects" tab will not be displayed. If the user doesn't have any shared access, "Shared With Me" will not be shown.

Project - More Options

Quick Overview

Users can take a peak at the project details from this screen itself by clicking the "Quick Overview" of that project. This shows the details like project description, shared access details, project documents, and connected systems.

Transfer Ownership

This allows the user to transfer the ownership of the project to another user. Please note the other user should be an administrator of that project. Ownership transfer is allowed only for the projects that the user owns. Learn more

All project data will be immediately transferred except logs and detailed logs. These logs will be transferred in the background and may take some time.

Leave Project

Users can leave access to a shared project. Once left, the user can no longer access the project.

Switch Projects

Once the user is inside the project, the user can switch to a different project by clicking the project name in the top left corner.

A popup will appear with all the projects to which the user has access. The user can search and choose the project to switch.

Add New Project

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