3.3.2 November 24, 2021

Release Notes 3.3.2

Features and Improvements

  1. New Handlers:

    • SFTP Reader to read from remote .txt, .csv and .json files through SFTP Connection

    • SFTP Writer to create .txt, .csv and .json files in remote location through SFTP Connection

    • FTP Writer to create .txt, .csv and .json files in remote location through FTP Connection

  2. Email Sender handler has advanced options to include HTML with an option to choose charset and content transfer encoding (Note: Base-64 HTML Combination and occasionally Base-64 plain text combinations don't work as expected. This will be addressed in the upcoming releases.)

  3. Two Factor Authentication (Authenticator App/ email OTP) login option has been added for improved security

  4. Option to authorize DCKAP Integrator using access token, jwt token in URL Params has been included

  5. A user-friendly option to click Configure directly in Handlers without the need to scroll down to skip optional fields

  6. API Call Handler displays custom APIs followed by global APIs with custom APIs having a mild color background to differentiate

  7. Response header information included in API call

Bug Fixes

  1. In case of a wrong default account, instead of endless redirect, the home account will be visible

  2. Timezone Converter Handler non-string case has been handled

  3. Importing template duplicates issue has been fixed

  4. Warning/Error icons display issue is fixed

  5. Validation for system name has been added

  6. "Keep Mapping" is set as default when the option to retain mapping is provided

  7. Dynamic token section disappearing issue when the description is changed in systems page has been fixed

  8. User Groups behavioral concern is addressed

  9. Console log generation when disabled in the project setting is restricted

  10. When the user tries to use different accounts in multiple tabs or windows, instead of 404, all tabs/windows will be redirected to the recently switched account

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