View actual numbers and results of the data synchronization
The Logs and Results can be accessed in two ways:
  1. 1.
    From the Integrations page: Click on View Logs under the Sync Now/ Copy URL button
  2. 2.
    From the Projects Navigation Menu: Click on the Logs icon
  3. 3.
    If a sync fails, then the "Failure" icon will also redirect to the Logs page
The Logs page displays the following fields in tabular form:
Field name
Pipe Name
The Integration name
Total number of records processed in that sync
Number of records processed successfully
Number of records that were not processed
Time taken for the sync to complete.
API Time
Time taken for an API call in a synchronization
Started At
Time when the sync was started
Finished At
Time when the sync process ended
Status of the sync
View Console button
The Console Log file can be downloaded from here. (The Console Log is defined by the 'Console' statement in the Flow)
  • Reprocess: To reprocess the synchronization with the same data
    • For Batch Processing: Reprocess uses the same date as the data that failed to sync
  • View Detailed Logs:
    Displays either
    • A general log message (as a popup), defined by the 'Logger' statement in the Flow
    • An entity level log message, defined by the 'Step Logger' statement in the Flow
Console Logs

Logs Duration

The duration split up information for every synchronization is displayed upon hovering over the Duration field.
Logs Duration with records
Logs Duration Split-up on API Level
Logs duration with records processed in milliseconds

Logs Filter

The Logs can be filtered based on:
  1. 1.
    Pipe Name
  2. 2.
    Entity ID
  3. 3.
    Status of the Logs
  4. 4.
    Total records
  5. 5.
    "Succeeded" and "Failed" records
  6. 6.
    "Started at" Date range

Pipes Reprocessing

This feature allows the ability to reprocess the pipes with the same information again. This can be used when errors in a pipe are fixed, and users wish to resync the same data.
Some systems could not work well with the reprocessing feature because of its limitations.

Pipes Reprocessing enable/disable options

The Option to enable and disable logs is found within the project settings as displayed in the image below:
On enabling the pipes reprocessing option, DCKAP Integrator logs the information of the pipe on the first run, to reprocess the same data again.

Important Notes

  • All the date and time entries shown here are displayed in the timezone configured in project settings
  • The View Console button will be displayed and Console messages are logged only when the setting is enabled in the project settings (Click here to go to Project Settings)
  • For Batch synchronization, Console logs greater than 5 MB may be downloaded as a text file
  • Dynamic services will not be able to log more than 5 MB in Console logs
  • Console logs will be automatically deleted except the last 5 days' records.
  • IMPORTANT: Console Log download link is valid only for 5 minutes. You will need to refresh the page to get a new link in the Console Log Area.
Any kind of logs (Logs Summary, Detailed Logs, Console Logs) will be retained only for 30 days in DCKAP Integrator.