User Groups

This is where project owners/administrators can add and maintain a User Group. User Group is a set of users who have similar access levels to any project.


User groups simplify a Project Owner's task of managing users for his project. This gives all the users in the group the same permission and access levels to the assigned project.

Managing User Groups

Click on the user icon in the top right section and click on Account Settings. Clicking on the "User Groups" will open the User Groups page with the following details in tabular form:
  • Group Name
  • Description
  • Created By
  • Action (Edit/Clone/Delete)

Adding New User Groups

To create a new user group click on the Add New button in the top left section of the page or the Edit button under the Action field.
Add and Manage User Groups
Fill out the following fields in the Add New page:
Field Name
Group Name
Provide a suitable name for your user group
Group Description
Provide a brief description for your user group
Choose from three options: Admin, Standard, Custom.
To learn more about permissions for each access level, click here.
Access Control
This shows up only for the Access Level: Custom. Here you can customize the group's permission level for each of the project resources.
Add User
Add users to the group by providing their email address.
An invitation is sent to the User asking for confirmation. Only after the user accepts the invitation, they are added to the group.
The group owner may remove a user from the group by clicking on the Remove button.
Non-DCKAP Integrator users may also be added to the project. An invitation will be sent out to them to sign up for a DCKAP Integrator account.

Access Levels

Access levels denote the permission rights of user groups for a project. A user group may be assigned to one of the three available access levels:


Has complete access to the project except deleting and transferring the project ownership. The admin has the ability to provide project access to any user or user group.


Has standard access to the project and the ability to do all basic things. This access level is one level below the admin. The standard user has some restrictions which include:
  • cannot delete the project
  • cannot transfer the project
  • cannot change project settings/configuration
  • cannot provide project access to any other users/groups

For step by step instructions on how to create user groups and also give access permissions to User groups, click below: