The Analytics page provides a high-level overview of the project. You can view the statistics of all your projects combined or as individual projects.


The dashboard contains important information and statistics about all the projects as listed below:
Sample Metrics
Total API Calls
Number of API Calls made to other systems
Success Rate
Percentage of records processed successfully
New Customers
Number of new customers over the selected time frame
New Orders
The number of new orders in the selected time frame
For the New Customers and New Orders to be updated, follow the best practice listed here:

Traffic - Customers & Orders

A graphical representation that shows how many new customers and orders have been synchronized within the selected time frame.



The time range for which the results have to be displayed can be changed in the drop-down list next to the project name in the top left section.


By selecting a project from the drop-down list in the top left corner, the dashboard screen displays metrics for that particular project.