API and Mapping

While creating APIs in the API Manager, sample request and response are provided. The keys entered in this sample are reflected in the Source and Destination sections in the Mapping configuration page

Step 1: API Manager

When an API is created in the API manager, a system is chosen for the API to be associated with. Also, sample request and response data are given while creating an API.

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Now let us see how this API gets linked with the Mapping node

Step 2: Flows - API Call Handler

The API Call Handler is added to the Flow to make an API call to a system. Depending on the system chosen, you can select an associated API from the drop down list. Any newly added API from here will also be available in the list.

More than one API Call can be added in a Flow.

Step 3: Flows - Mapping Handler

The Mapping Handler is added to link data from a source API to a destination API.

When a Mapping Handler is added to the Flow, you will be choosing two API's (a source and a destination) to map. Note that, only API calls made within the Flow will be available for the user to select from.

Sample Request JSON

 "company_id": "string",
 "customer_id": 0,
 "idAlreadyExists": true,
 "id": "string",
 "first_name": "string",
 "last_name": "string",
 "title": "string",
 "direct_phone": "string",
 "email_address": "string",
 "isUpdate": true

Sample Response JSON

 "order_no": 225333,
 "shipping_cost": 30.00,
 "status": “paid”,
 "tax": 0,
 "payment_desc": "",
 "shipping_method": "fa",
 "order_date": "2019-10-21T04:13:37.541Z",
 "expiration_date": "2019-10-21T04:13:37.541Z",
 "ship2_name": "Alice",
 "ship2_city": "San Francisco",
 "ship_to_phone": "1234567890",
 "ship2_state": "California",
 "ship2_add1": "",
 "ship2_zip": "94016",
 "name": "Alice",
 "ship2_email_address": "alice@example.com",
 "mail_address1": "Jarvis St.",
 "mail_city": "San Francisco",
 "central_phone_number": "123456790",
 "email_address": "alice@example.com",
 "cancel_flag": false,
 "orderLines": [
 "inv_mast_uid": 2,
 "item_desc": "Plate Set 1",
 "item_id": "QTR12",
 "unit_price": 12.24,
 "extended_price": 0,
 "qty_ordered": 1

Step 4: Integration Pipes

While adding a new Pipe, you are required to choose System Credentials. Credentials are directly related to a system.

Depending on the Credentials (System) selected, the Flows (with API calls to those systems - Step 2) will be populated in the drop-down list.

Depending on the Flow selected, the Mapping nodes will be displayed (only if Mapping handler is added in the Flow - Step 2)

If no Mapping Handler is added in the Flow, Mapping node will not be displayed

Step 5: Mapping Configuration

Click on Configure. The mapping Configuration window will open.

The Source API fields are populated from its sample response and Destination API fields are populated from its sample request provided in the API Manager page (From Step 1).

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