3.2.2 Dec 24, 2020

Release Notes 3.2.2


  1. Added the ability to print request parameters in console logs.

  2. GET_FROM_USER has been replaced with GET_FROM_CREDENTIALS in API Manager and Systems Page.

    Note: We have provided backward compatibility to support GET_FROM_USER as well. We suggest using GET_FROM_CREDENTIALS in all API Managers and Systems page.

  3. Regex Modifier has been added.

  4. URL Validation added in Credentials Hostname field.

  5. Added Comment option in Mapping Fields.

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue with nested array in Mapping is fixed.

  2. Fixed displaying the queue status even while the sync is running.

  3. Issue with Truncate Modifier is Fixed.

  4. Displaying other projects API manager data in API Handler is fixed.

  5. Fixed Detailed logs pop up misalignment.

  6. Change password 15 characters limitations added.

  7. Confirmation pop-up added to Reprocess Button.

  8. Fixed Mapping not populated issue if added in snippets.

We are running a few background services to clean up old logs. So users will be able to see only the last two months' logs(Logs Summary, Detailed Logs, Console Logs). We will not retain any logs beyond two months.

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