3.1.5 - May 15, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.5

Features and Improvements

1.Registration Page Design Updated

2. Handlers Added/Updated:

  • ‌JSON to CSV Conversion added in "Formatter" Handler

  • Pagination Handler added

  • While loop Handler added

  • Break Handler added

3. Admin Analytics feature added to track the usage of the Integrator Users

4. Force Login added in DCKAP Integrator Admin side. Global password will not work anymore. Admin has to request the user to enable "Force Login" in their Account settings.

5. Plan Description added in "Plans and Pricing" page.

6. Auto complete disabled in all forms.

7. Copy URL message Updated for Dynamic Pipes.

Bug Fixes

1.Freeze account after the expiry of the trail fixed.

2. AutoPilot issue fixed.

3. Trial/plan expired users will not be able to create projects.

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