Transfer Project Ownership

Users can transfer the ownership of the project to another user. Ownership transfer is allowed only for the projects that the user owns. Please note the other user should be an administrator of that project.

All project data will be transferred immediately except logs and detailed logs. These logs will be transferred in the background and may take some time. Both previous and new project owners will be notified when the transfer is complete.

Follow the below guidelines while transferring the project to ensure a smooth transition.


Before transfer

  • Disable all the pipes and ensure no synchronization is running to avoid any data loss. If any synchronization is running, either kill it or wait for it to complete.

  • Be aware that dynamic service calls or webhooks will not work during the transfer.

  • Notify other project members to avoid any activities in the project during the transfer.

After transfer

  • Enable the pipes and ensure everything is running as expected.

  • It is recommended to change the authentication keys of dynamic service calls to the new user key.

Console logs transfer is not supported for now. Once the project is transferred, project members can no longer access the old console logs. This will be addressed in the upcoming releases.

In case of any errors during the project transfer, kindly raise a ticket in Support Ticketing Portal.

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