How to use DCKAP Integrator Dynamic URL's?

Step by step instructions on how to use the Dynamic Pipe/Workflow URLs

Steps to access the Pipe/Workflow URL and ID

  1. Log into DCKAP Integrator.

  2. Navigate to the Project by clicking on the Manage button. This will take you to the Integrations page where you can access your pipes. For workflow, navigate to the Workflows page.

  3. Click on the "Copy URL" Button on the Pipe/Workflow you wish to sync. This will open a pop-up with this message "You have to ensure the IP ( is whitelisted for this dynamic pipe to function properly." So ensure that the DCKAP Integrator server IP is whitelisted before using the URL.

  4. Click 'OK', and the URL is now copied to your clipboard.

  5. You can call this URL with the your access token as a Bearer in request header.

    Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Example URL:

The Last Segment of URL is the Pipe/Workflow ID : "a1b2c3d4.........e5".

Steps to get an Access token from DCKAP Integrator

  1. Click on your account name in Top Right Corner.

  2. Click on "Generate Keys" from the dropdown list.

  3. Any existing Tokens will be listed there. If it is empty, then click on Generate New Token.

  4. Enter the following details to generate a new token

  5. Click on the "Copy Token Button". The token will be copied to your clipboard.

Now you have the Dynamic URL and Access Token, which can be used from the eCommerce or ERP system to access the pipe/workflow in DCKAP Integrator.

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