Working with Modifiers

Steps to use Data modifiers


Modifiers are used to format source data that is to be sent to the destination system. Various modifier functions are available for users to select from to change/format data as needed.

This tutorial will go over the steps involved in using Data Modifiers in detail.


In order to successfully use Modifiers, certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled:

1.Create Flows

A Flow is a set of statements written in the form of pseudocode to satisfy the business logic of the integration. It forms the neural schema of the integration. More details on how to write a Flow can be found here.

Include the Mapping handler in the Flow.

2. Create an Integration Pipe

For steps on How to create an Integration Pipe, click here.

3. Setup Mapping nodes

For steps on How to Map data, click here.

Steps to Map data

1.Open the Mapping node and add the fields to be mapped as needed.

2. Click on the Modifier icon in the center panel to open the Modifier window

3. Here, you can drag and drop the Source fields on to the Play Area as shown below:

4. If more than one field is added to the play area, you may Swap or Group the fields

5. Next, drag and drop a Modifier function from the right-hand side on top of the source field in the Play area.

6. Configure the Modifier function by clicking on the function in the Configuration section. Depending on the function chosen, the configuration values will differ.


For "extend" function:

For "insert" function:

More on Modifier functions can be found below:

pageMapping and Modifiers

7. Use the preview section, to get an idea of how the modifier functions would work on your source data.

8. Once the functions have been added, click on the Save button.

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