3.4.5 October 18, 2023


  1. Workflows have been introduced in the beta version for simplifying integrations (by merging flows and pipes) with the ability to include API Call, Code Runner, Decision, Detail Logger, Error Logger, Formatter, Console, Loop, Notification, Return and Sleep.

    1. Build, Run, Debug and Monitor flows - All on a single page

    2. Introduced Code Runner to execute Python code for complex operations

    3. Introduced Condition Builder to build conditions with ease for Decision and API Call actions.

    4. Mapping is moved to the destination API Call action

    5. JSON formatter is now available in the API Call action

    6. Pagination is merged with Loop action

    7. IF/IFELSE/ELSE handlers are combined into a single action: Decision

    8. The progress bar is automated. No need to provide progress handlers.

    9. Removed user-defined variable declarations

  2. Direct XML capability and support for CDATA in XML JSON Body of API Call has been implemented.

  3. Support Ticket for the General Category has been included.

  4. Ability to revoke access to user groups has been extended to Admin in addition to Project Owner.

  5. Option to choose the default landing screen (Projects/ Analytics/ Exchange/ Help & Support) is provided in Account Settings.

  6. Manage access has been moved to Project settings.

  7. New emails are triggered when

    1. the project invite is rejected by the user;

    2. the access to the user group is revoked by the admin/project owner;

    3. a user is deleted from the user group;

    4. access level to the project (standard/admin) has been updated.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. "Global" API/System has been renamed as "Public" and "Custom" has been renamed as "Private".

  2. Project transfer is restricted when a pipe is running or in the queue.

  3. The save and merge issue when a flow is in an inactive state has been fixed.

  4. Owned by me template filter issue has been fixed.

  5. API cannot be disabled if used in flows.

  6. Creating a template from a project and using that template in the same project has been restricted.

  7. Activity History record issues in Integrations during project transfer is removed.

  8. Deleted User Issue in the Projects Overview has been fixed.

  9. Templates based on deleted projects are removed.

  10. The sorting issue of the list of projects in the projects landing page is fixed. The projects are listed based on the last modified time.

  11. The space issue in support ticket mail for the CC list and collaborators has been addressed.

  12. The issue when the user tries to reset the password without setting a password has been resolved.

  13. In Project Settings, validation has been included for global variables (duplicates restricted, key-value missing cases restricted, empty value restricted).

  14. Mail Address validation is included in General Settings and Users Tab of Project Settings.

  15. In Account Settings, the following issues have been fixed.

    1. Change Password - Proper validations and messages have been included - when the length of the new password is incorrect and when the confirm password/new password field is blank;

    2. Change Password - The eye icon functionality bug of the Old, New and Confirm password fields is rectified;

    3. Change Password - Existing Password is no longer allowed to be set as new password;

    4. Change Password - Update button is disabled if the old password field is blank;

    5. User Groups - Duplicate email inclusion has been restricted in user groups;

    6. API Keys - Expand button is disabled when no API keys are there.

  16. Save All API shows only the current error messages and the multiple pop-ups of duplicate API Name Error issue has been fixed.

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