Enterprise Integration Platform

DCKAP Integrator, an enterprise ERP integration tool connects and synchronizes data across various platforms.

The success of any business is entirely dependent on customers being able to use the product in the most seamless way and attain top-notch cloud experience across a multitude of devices.

With real-time synchronization of data from ERP to eCommerce, CRM, EDI, and other marketing tools, DCKAP Integrator makes multi-platform integration simple and robust.

The Concept of Integration

When two independently designed applications are combined or linked to work together, it is called Integration. CRM, ERP and eCommerce, are the three major application systems that are extensively integrated, and rely greatly on the benefits and adaptability of cloud technology.

B2B (Business-to-Business) Integration

The term B2B integration is used when a business process involves the linking and streamlining of data between two businesses, thus enabling data management for day-to-day operations.

Example of a B2B Integration process: "Integrating an eCommerce website set up on BigCommerce to an ERP system built using P21".

In simple terms, an ERP is the data hub of a business, that includes inventory, customer and shipping information, product database, order details, etc. Automating the integration between an eCommerce platform with ERP can save business owners time, money and manpower. Businesses can concentrate on the core business while letting the integration tool manage transactions end-to-end.

Integrating applications over the cloud inflates productivity and performance, and also reduces costs. Data Integration is capable of establishing the following:

  • Consistently maintain data across applications

    • Customers will have access to real-time data

    • Lessened human errors since inventory are automatically maintained

    • Faster order fulfillment

  • Coordinate the back and forth communication between multi-platform systems

  • Establishing an interface tool or service, that makes data and process accessibility from a multitude of systems, effortless

How do I get started?

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The Basics

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