3.4.6 January 4, 2024


  1. Workflows:

    1. Introducing replacers to replace/override any previous step response.

    2. Introducing while in loop action with the ability to break out of the loop when the specified condition is met.

    3. Allow global exposure of loop children step response outside the loop scope along with the ability to select specific data for API Call action. By default, steps inside the loop cannot be accessed outside the scope.

    4. Introducing Cut, Copy, Paste and Comment options.

    5. Ability to modify the sample dynamic payload

  2. Beautified Console log viewer to view the console logs and JSON data will be rendered in JSON viewer for better readability.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. Added title/description to all the step responses in DataHub of Workflows.

  2. Ability to create ticket from the notification emails.

  3. Decision action of Workflows will now have the ability to compare a step response field with another field. Previously, only comparable with a string.

  4. Tooltip with accepted date time format is shown in Formatter action of Workflows.

  5. Fixed various minor issues in workflows.

Integrator Lightning Services are also updated to v3.4.6

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