Detail Logger

Detail Logger is similar to the Error Logger but is used to provide logs at the item level. Detail Logger marks every single entity(like each product, customer, or order) inside the loop as a Success or Failure.

This can be viewed by clicking the "View" button in the Logs section.


  • Status - Status of the execution. Success or Failure

  • Entity ID - ID of the entry. Useful in identifying if the entities succeeded or failed. Example: {{2.item.product_id}}

  • Short Message - Content to be logged. Keep it short and readable.

  • Detailed Message - Log request or response information in more detail, in case of failures. Otherwise, avoid logging large data as it might slow down the logs page.


Success Entity Use Case

  • Status: Success

  • Entity ID: {{2.item.product_id}}

  • Short Message: Product {{2.item.product_id}} Created

  • Detailed Message: Empty. As it is not needed.

Failure Entity Use Case

  • Status: Failure

  • Entity ID: {{2.item.product_id}}

  • Short Message: Product ID: {{2.item.product_id}}, Error: {{2.item.error_message}}

  • Detailed Message: {{2.item}}

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