Used to define multiple option paths and proceed to a particular path when the respective condition is satisfied. Allows the user to add multiple option paths with their own title and condition.

The option that satisfies the given condition will be executed. If all conditions are failed then the else option will be executed.


For each option

  • Title - Title of the option for better readability and understandability. Keep it short.

  • Condition

    • Field - Selected from Data Hub

    • Operator - to compare the field and value

    • Value - to which the field is compared

In a single option, multiple conditions can be configured with the joining operators AND, OR. The nested level is also allowed to provide precedence to the sub-condition.

Example: {{}} is equal to Alice AND ({{}} is equal to New York OR {{1.zipcode}} is equal to 10001)

In the above example, the precedence is given to city and zip code. Nested is used to provide that precedence in Condition Builder.

There are no limitations on how many options can be added.

Use Cases:

Multiple options to execute different workflow paths based on the city of the customer.

Option A:

Title: Customer from New York

Condition: {{}} is equal to New York

This will be executed when the customer is from New York

Option B:

Title: Customer from Los Angeles

Condition: {{}} is equal to Los Angeles

This will be executed when the customer is from Los Angeles

Else Option

No condition is needed for the else option. This will be executed when the customer is neither from New York nor Los Angeles.

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