Test API

This feature allows the users to test the API in the API Manager. This avoids the need for any external API testing applications for testing the API.

How to test?

  • Navigate to the respective system and open the API Manager by clicking the “view all” button. It will display all the APIs associated with this system.

  • Choose any existing APIs from the list or create a new API by providing the necessary information.

  • Open the "Test Details" tab in the API and choose one of the below options to provide the necessary information

  • Click the "Test" button to test the API.

  • Once the API response is received, the response status and content will be displayed below the requested API.

APIs can be tested while in the draft itself. This helps to test the API without saving first.

Use Credentials

This option allows the user to choose any existing credentials to authorize and test the API.

Use Direct Values

This option allows the user to provide the credential information directly here. For security reasons, this credential information is not stored to reuse later.

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