3.4.2 December 20, 2022

Release Notes 3.4.2


  1. System & API Improvements

    1. Added Import and Export Features for System and APIs

    2. Clone API option enabled for API

    3. Create custom API using Global API

    4. Added JSON Prettifier for Request and Response

  2. Improved Import and Export option of Flows to export/import associated systems or API. Old exported flows files may not work as expected. We recommend you export a new file and import it wherever needed.

  3. Redesigned Account Settings and API Keys Page.

  4. Added support to Amazon Selling Partner System with RDT token.

  5. Detailed logs are created asynchronously now, which will speed up the synchronisations.

  6. Increased the performance by reducing the database queries.

  7. Improved user experience on the Two-factor authentication page.

  8. Implemented Elastic Search for Logs/Detailed Logs (Experimental Feature).

  9. Implemented Hot DB for Logs/Detailed Logs. Only 7 days' logs will be stored here for faster responses (Experimental Feature).

Logs page Experimental Features(Hot DB and Elastic Search - to speed up the search) are currently not enabled, as it is currently under experimentation. This feature will be enabled for all the users in a few weeks, once it is stable.

Update: Elasticsearch is enabled for all users in v3.4.3

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed system mapping issue when created from templates.

  2. Fixed XML order issue in mapping custom fields.

  3. PATCH method added in Api section.

  4. Configuration values in Pipes not updated after updating in flows occasionally - Fixed.

  5. Missed notification when a new flow is imported - Fixed.

  6. Console logs messages will be shown properly instead of showing disabled in all cases.

Integrator Lightning Services are also updated to v3.4.2

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