3.3.6 July 20, 2022

Release Notes 3.3.6


  1. Console log viewer in logs page. Console logs files with size less than 2 Mb can be now viewed directly in browser.

  2. Improved the layout and design of Credential page and all grids.

  3. Provided capability to add dependency between fields in flow handlers

  4. Bower components has been removed and all the images are moved to CDN for better performance.

  5. Added systems filter in API Manager grid page.

  6. Option to provide page number in grids.

Bug Fixes

  1. Occasional mapping errors when created from templates - fixed.

  2. Configuration values become empty when created from templates - fixed.

  3. System / API is not mapped in Snippets when created from templates - fixed.

  4. Issue while re-entering TOTP in login page - fixed.

  5. Logs page Duration display issue when ran in milliseconds - fixed.

  6. Adding user group to project issue in rare cases - fixed.

Lightning Services are updated to v3.3.6

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