3.2.6 May 11, 2021

Release Notes 3.2.6


  1. Frontend loading times have been drastically reduced

  2. Auto Scheduler has been Upgraded with Advanced Cron Options

    1. The ability to add multiple Cron expression is provided

    2. Advanced options like running the schedule at a particular minute or hour or day or month, or running between particular hours or minutes, and few other options have been added

    3. Auto Scheduler has been upgraded with a new design to improve user experience

  3. DCKAP Integrator Help and Support

    1. New and improved support system within DCKAP Integrator application

    2. For general inquiries, new feature requests, or bugs/issues reporting, users can raise tickets with text messages and optional file attachments.

    3. Users will be able to view all the raised tickets and search/filter a particular ticket. DCKAP Integrator will notify users via email in case of any updates to the tickets.

  4. FTP Support

    1. New FTP Support to integrate the data between two systems using FTP

    2. Provides the ability to retrieve the files through FTP/SFTP connections.

  5. Added "Learn More" links to flow handlers

  6. Switch account menu now upgraded with new placement and design

  7. Projects and Group invitation design has been updated.

  8. Users will be able to accept and switch to the project from the same menu

  9. New API's added:

    1. Ability to update project settings - Learn more

    2. Ability to update pipe level console logs status in import template API - Learn more

Cron expression builder currently supports UTC timezone only. Local timezones will be supported in the upcoming releases.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Default account getting updated for unrelated users while doing project transfer

  2. Fixed the design issues on the settings page

  3. Fixed credentials back button errors

  4. Filter using email id in DCKAP Integrator admin pricing page

  5. Fixed Search and filter Issue in Entity ID in Detailed Logs Page

  6. Fixed wrong account name getting displayed for a transferred project

  7. Fixed System ID not mapping issue in credentials page for imported templates

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