3.1.3 - April 8, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.3

Features and Improvements

  1. OAuth2 support added

  2. Mail Templates updated for all sort of emails

  3. Project/Group owner name added for all kind of invitations

  4. Pricing moved to live. Need to provide Valid Card details after the trail period expired

  5. Added Icons for selecting plans in registration page

  6. MySQL handler added in flows - Supports to generate MySQL queries

  7. Cron Job added to delete jobs from DB

  8. Enable/Disable all pipes added integration grid page

Bug Fixes

  1. Unable to add Custom Index issue fixed

  2. Fixed Token URL tab not getting displayed for Cookies Authentication

  3. Page not working issue after Project Transfer fixed

  4. Fixed Array To array mapping issue in Root Level of the JSON

  5. While cloning new project, CLONED prefix will be added only in the project name.

  6. AutoMode will be turned off of for the cloned integrations

  7. Fixed Last Sync time not getting Displayed for Dynamic pipe

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