3.2.7 June 18, 2021

Release Notes 3.2.7

Features and Improvements

  1. The ability to add notes in Pipes has been provided

  2. Added the ability to support text/CSV responses

  3. New Handler Added: Timezone Handler - to convert timezones and also to obtain the timestamp

  4. Added Unicode to Ascii Handler in flows - to convert the Unicode to readable characters

  5. Added project name, account name, and the server name in health checkup emails

  6. Added "Save & Continue" button in all form pages to remain on the same page after item being saved

  7. Users can now add more email id's in Tickets to be notified of the ticket activity

  8. Ability to toggle handlers in Flows Full Screen Mode for better readability

  9. Restricting the ability to delete a system/API if it is being used in Pipes & Flows

  10. Restricting the ability to modify the system of an API (if it is already being used)

  11. Aligned the Flows Handlers in alphabetical order

  12. Update through email on ticket status updates

  13. Search added in Switch Accounts and Projects navigator

  14. Persisting previous values of limit and filter in a user session

  15. Supports attachments for customer support emails

  16. Added Mapping name while exporting the Mapping

  17. Displaying the datatype in Mapping Preview

  18. Improved design on the Integrations page

  19. Added status reset in Logs grid filters

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. Unicode Issues while printing or logging console

  2. Current default account is not checked in switch account

  3. Button issue in Manage invitation email in outlook

  4. Show proper error in modifier json validation if the link is missing

  5. Delete all console to_date frontend issue

  6. Exchange: Unable to Edit descriptions once created and saved

  7. System image upload issue

  8. System getting duplicated issue

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