What is DCKAP Integrator?

DCKAP Integrator is an Enterprise ERP integration platform with unlimited potential to connect, sync and automate ERP, eCommerce, and CRM applications from one console.

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Consider DCKAP Integrator as a plug & play integration solution, delivered on the cloud that helps multiple applications talk to each other.

DCKAP Integrator offers a robust and flexible system to enable an organization's development team run integrations efficiently, thereby eliminating any manual errors and down-time.

What can I do with DCKAP Integrator?

DCKAP Integrator is an iPaaS platform that can connect any number and type of business applications ranging from ERP, eCommerce, CRM, EDI, databases and much more.

Why DCKAP Integrator?

Simplicity and scalability are the USP's of DCKAP Integrator. With an easy to use interface, DCKAP Integrator promises consistent integration across various platforms.

Some highlights of DCKAP Integrator include:

  • iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service): With DCKAP Integrator, integration over the cloud is executed seamlessly thus eliminating the need to use different environments to deploy your technology.

  • Versatile and simple interface: No special coding knowledge is necessary to implement your integration. The entire process can be built and automated by developing integrations seamlessly, making the tool extremely user compatible.

  • Custom API's to integrate multiple systems

  • Drag and Drop feature facilitating easy project development.

  • Supports the unique needs of every business by Mapping data.

  • Clear-cut and insightful results to comprehend your business requirements.

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