3.3.1 October 22, 2021

Release Notes 3.3.


1. Validations have been added to check if proper credentials have been selected in pipes for the corresponding Flow

2. An error message will be shown in the mapping rows if you modify any field in API Manager Request/Response which is used in Mapping Area

3. The ability to generate Access Tokens in Generate Keys Module has been added. You can now generate a token of smaller size using Access Tokens

4. An Acknowledgment email will be triggered after Creating DCKAP Integrator Ticket

5. The ability to override the timeout in API manager has been added

6. Added a new handler to trigger an Internal Call

7. System changes in Flows are now being tracked and decisions to retain the mapping are requested from the user to maintain the stability in mapping

8. All Credentials sensitive data have been masked in the UI Front End

9. Mapping will be persisted even when switching over different credentials or changing flows.

Bug Fixes

  1. Global Variable Non-String issue has been fixed

  2. SQL handler issue during delete operation has been fixed

  3. Systems will now be reloaded properly in all necessary places

  4. Loader added in Save buttons

  5. Support module pagination - filter issue has been fixed

  6. Host URL validated in Credentials

  7. Fixed issue in triggering emails for Completely Failed Category in Logs

  8. Save button enabled even when the Play area is empty in Modifiers

  9. Logs Link redesigned

  10. Outlook email issue fixed

  11. Clicking on add projects save button multiple times won't create duplicate projects

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