3.2.0 - October 7, 2020

Release Notes 3.2.0


  1. Ability to Import/Export Snippets is added.

  2. Ability to sort pipes based on pipe name and updated time is added.

  3. Validation for pipe name added in Integrations page.

  4. Mapping Import Design is updated.

  5. Design changes added in API Handlers during mouse hover.

  6. An option to filter logs based on total records is added.

  7. Timeout validation added in API Manager page.

  8. Detailed log will be opened in a new tab.

  9. Delete access for Admin Users is added.

  10. Message content updated throughout the application.

  11. Modifier to get Current Datetime Based on the Timezone is added

  12. In the Logs page, duration split up information for every synchronization is displayed on hovering upon the Duration field.

  13. Ability to test connection with/without Reusing Token option is added.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with modifier indication in Import Mappings.

  2. Fields for which Modifiers have been applied in the Play area, cannot be directly removed from the Mapping page.

  3. Delete Console Log fixed.

  4. While Cloning the project, the status of the flow will remain the same as the source project.

  5. Fixed Custom Index Value missing issue in Imported Mapping.

  6. Filter will not be closed while clicking the Reset Filter button in all Grid Pages.

  7. "While Synchronizing Integration page went blank" bug fixed.

  8. Fixed bugs with filtering logs with entity ID in logs page.

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