Advanced Scheduler

To schedule a Batch type Integration to run at any given time and frequency

Advanced Scheduler

The Advanced Scheduler in DCKAP Integrator is an easy-to-use Schedule Editor that enables easy configuration of the Schedules. With just a few mouse clicks and no complex syntax building or coding, the Pipes can be easily scheduled to run at any required time or time interval.

Click on the "Schedule" link in the Pipe tile. The Schedule Editor will open.

The following fields are present in the Schedule Editor:

  1. Pipe Name: Name of the Integration pipe

  2. Configured Schedules: The schedules that have been configured for this pipe

  3. Cron Expression Builder Section: Where users can build and create different combinations of schedules for the pipe to run at.

  4. Timezone: The pipe schedules are executed with respect to the timezone provided. By default, it is UTC.

  5. Base Frequency levels: Basic interval levels for users to choose from

  6. Frequency intervals: Specific interval or range values for the Integrations to run

  7. Specific time or day intervals: Specific day or time values for the integrations to run

Commonly Used Schedule Configurations with Examples

Following are a few widely used schedule configurations and how they can be set up in DCKAP Integrator:

1.Basic: Run every 5 minutes

2. Specific Time: Run at 5 PM on Thursdays

3. Multiple Times: Run at 9 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM every day

4. Range of values: Run every 5 minutes from Monday to Friday

5. Ranges with a step: Run every 15 minutes

6. Combination of numeric values and ranges: Run every hour outside office hours

This requires 2 schedules to be configured as shown below:

Schedule 1:

Schedule 2:

7. Specific Day and Month: Run every hour on Mar 15

Auto-Pilot Mode

Auto-pilot mode in DCKAP Integrator allows users to automatically schedule a Batch type Integration to run at any given time and frequency.

Users can schedule the pipes to synchronize at any particular time and day or during any desired interval using the Advanced Scheduler feature.

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