3.3.3 Feb 4, 2022

Release Notes 3.3.3

Features and Improvements

  1. Introduced Advanced Modifiers, which allows adding more complicated logics in Mappings & Modifiers

  2. Provided the ability to migrate from the old modifier version to the advanced one

  3. Log Reprocessing can be enabled or disabled based on project settings (Optimized for faster database reads)

  4. Import/Export Snippet feature has been added

  5. Microsoft Server SQL Connection Support has been added

  6. Invite All/ Decline All option has been added for Project and Group Invitations

  7. Template name field length has been updated from 25 characters to 50 characters

  8. Design improvements have been made for

    • API Call Handler in Flows to differentiate global and custom APIs

    • Import API

  9. Static Subject "INTEGRATOR FLOW BUILDER:" has been removed from Email Sender Handler

  10. API Response Object is removed in API Call Handler

  11. "No String" type is made default in Flow inputs

Bug Fixes

  1. Payload issue has been fixed in Internal Dynamic Call Handler

  2. Wrong execution and API time shown in rare cases is fixed in the Logs grid page

  3. FTP/SFTP CSV writer bugs fixed in Flows

DCKAP Integrator Lighting Services are not updated due to some server dependencies. Update details will be shared in status.dckapintegrator.com. For more questions, kindly raise a ticket at DCKAP Integrator Support Ticketing Portal.

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