Managing Projects

Every DCKAP Integrator project is made up of integration units called Pipes. These units, in turn, contain flows and mapping configurations.

The Projects page consists of a list of all the projects that the user has created or has been given access to. More information can be found here.

Click on the project to go to the Integrations page which is the hub of the project. From here users can edit and play with the development of the project as needed.

On the left side of this page, icons for easy navigation and access to various components of the project are present. These icons include:

Activity Logs

A new feature in DCKAP Integrator enables Project Owners and Administrators to view and track activities performed in every individual module of the Project.

The Activity History button is found on the top-right section of the Integrations, Credentials, Flows, and API Manager pages. Users may track the activities of these modules as a whole, or on individual entities within the modules.

For example, Activity History of all the Project Credentials or for a single Credential within a Project.

The main purpose of the Activity Logs is, whenever a user creates, updates, or deletes any entity within the project, the Project Owner and Administrator can track said changes along with their date and time. It serves as a version history for the Project, thus helping Project owners retrieve details in the future as well.

Apart from the defaults events that are tracked in Activity Logs, the following additional events are also tracked:

  • Console Log Enable/Disable

  • Automode Enable/Disable

  • Changing Automode Schedule

  • Time Status Enable/Disable

By default, the Activity Logs are disabled. To enable Activity Logs, navigate to your Project Settings and enable Activity Logs.

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