3.4.7 March 14, 2024

Whats New - Key Highlights


  • Workflows Improvements

    • Support to FTP & SFTP systems in workflows.

    • Enhanced Workflows debugger.

    • Improved user experience while adding systems and it's API in workflows.

    • Ability to access DataHub values with dynamic keys like {{2.{{1.field_name}}.city}}

    • API advanced section is redesigned to support key value pair directly.

    • Condition builder now supports DataHub or any data type values in left operand of a condition.

    • Conditional builder also supports conditions like: "@dckap.com" in {{special.variable}}

    • Ability to customize formats while using date time special variables from DataHub.

    • Ability to use DataHub values in code runner by defining inputs.

    • Field names in DataHub now supports various special characters like hyphen (-), underscore (_), at the rate (@) , colon (:), space ( ) and few more.

  • Improved console log messages for better readability.

  • Ability to trigger batch pipes with a payload, similar to a dynamic pipe.

  • In condition evaluation of workflows, is valid option has been added.

  • SFTP Private Key Authentication support added in Flows and Workflows.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Loop minimum allowed batch size is reduced to 10 from 100.

  • Number indices for list fields is hidden in DataHub.

  • Improved error messages of code runner for better debugging.

  • Payload and similar fields - For Large JSON data, scroll not working - Fixed.

  • Code Runner quotes case issue for string inputs - Fixed.

  • Unhandled timeout null values cause errors in synchronization - Fixed.

  • Bug while adding and saving notes is fixed.

  • Loop termination issue when step inside loop is commented - Fixed.

  • Bug in formatter when raw data is provided and more formatter issues - Fixed.

  • SFTP Reader Unicode Issue has been addressed in Flows and Workflows. Workflows Code Runner auto type conversion issue for inputs like 1e3 as string has been fixed.

  • Issue in SFTP close connection - Fixed

  • and various minor bugs.

Integrator Lightning Services are also updated to v3.4.7

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