3.3.4 March 31, 2022

Release Notes 3.3.4


  1. Free plan capability has been introduced

  2. Pipe Edit page has been redesigned to add credentials and filter the flows based on systems

  3. Dashboard page performance has been optimized

  4. Advanced Modifier IFELSE supports additional capabilities to check conditions with the operators <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=, in

  5. Added XML payload support for v3 dynamic services. For lightning, it will be supported in upcoming releases.

  6. XML payload is logged in console logs

  7. Design Improvements are made in Import/Export Snippet

  8. API Call Handler has the facility to add headers from Flows

  9. Import Admin API feature has been added in API Manager

  10. Document links are included for Advanced Modifiers

Bug Fixes

  1. MSSQL Execute returns results for select queries

  2. Current DateTime Handler returns 13:30:00 instead of 13:30:00 PM

  3. Handling of symbols such as &,<,>,'," in XML

  4. Export Snippet's empty download issue for snippet names ending with a space has been fixed

  5. System not assigned for cloning projects has been fixed

  6. GET_FROM_CREDENTIALS issue when creating systems has been rectified

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