Workflows are responsible for handling the core business logic like making API calls to the targeted system, formatting and validating data, logging transactions and so on.

Workflows represent an enhanced version of flows. By combining flows and integration screens, workflows offer users a unified platform for building, testing, executing, and monitoring integrations - all within a single interface.

This streamlined approach simplifies the integration process, making it easy to build integrations with a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Page: Easily build, test, run, debug, and view logs - all on a single page.

  • Simplified Flow Builder: Experience a simple, unique, and user-friendly interface for building flows.

  • Streamlined Actions: We've reduced and merged actions (formerly handlers) while preserving their capabilities for simplicity.

  • Automated Progress Bar: No more manual progress adjustments in flows; it's automated now.

  • Code Runner: Introducing the Code Runner for direct Python code execution, facilitating complex logic implementation.

  • Decision Builder: Used in Decision and API Call actions, it allows users to create conditions that define the workflow's direction.

  • Removed Variable Handling: We've removed user-defined variable definitions and declarations to enhance simplicity.

Flow Builder

Our newly developed Flow Builder empowers you to create integrations seamlessly. It serves as the core logic behind actions like making API calls, logging, sending emails, and more. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can effortlessly build integrations between various systems.

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Formerly Handlers.

Actions are used to build a flow in a tree structure, left to right. Every action has its functional logic and requires a certain set of inputs to be defined to carry out its activities. Multiple Actions are available to the user to build their flow.

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