Managing User Groups

Step-by-step instructions of how to create, maintain and give access to User Groups


A User Group is a set of users with the same access permissions to a project. A project owner can create and maintain a user group.

For a quick video explainer of Adding or Removing a User from a "User Group", click here.


Anyone with login credentials can create a User Group.

But only a Project Owner can add the User Group to a Project.

Steps to Create and Edit User Groups

Step 1: Click on "User Groups" option from the drop-down list at the top right section of the page.

The User Groups page will open with the following details in tabular form:

  • Group Name

  • Description

  • Created By

  • Action (Edit/Clone/Delete)

Step 2: Add a new User Group

Click on the Add New button in the top left section of the page.

Step 3: Fill out the following fields in the Add New page:

  • Provide a suitable name for your user group

  • Group Description

  • Provide a brief description for your user group

Step 4: Choose an ​Access Level​

Choose from three options: Admin, Standard.

To learn more about permissions for each access level, click here.

Step 5: Add User(s)

Add users to the group by providing their email address.

An invitation is sent to the User asking for confirmation. Only after the user accepts the invitation, they are added to the group.

Step 6: The group owner may remove a user from the group by clicking on the Revoke button.

Non-DCKAP Integrator users may also be added to the project. An invitation will be sent out to them to sign up for a DCKAP Integrator account.

Step 6: Edit User Group

Click on the Edit button under the Action field to make changes to a User Group

Managing User Group Access

Where will the user groups be added?

User Groups are added to a project to give a "set of users" the same permission level for the project.

Step 1: Click on Manage Project from the dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Advanced → Manage Access

Step 3: Under User Groups, select the group that you want to add to this project

Step 4: Click on the Add Group button

The Group is now added to the Project.

Scenarios within Manage Access

Scenario 1:

If a user has been added individually as well as part of a user group to a project, then his individual access permissions take priority.

Scenario 2:

Adding the same group in multiple projects. If a user is removed from the group, he will lose access from all the projects that the user group has been added to.

Scenario 3:

If a user has been added individually as well as part of a user group to a project, and if his individual access is removed, his group access will still remain.

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