3.4.8 May 27, 2024

Whats New - Key Highlights


  • Say hello to our sleek new font! We've made some exciting updates to improve legibility and elevate the overall aesthetic of our web application.

  • Workflows Improvements

    • Users can export and import workflows across different projects within the application.

    • Added the ability to clone workflows.

    • Introducing stop tool to stop the execution anywhere in the workflows.

    • To improve the performance, the progress bar for automated jobs will not be visible upfront. Users can click the "Check Progress" button to view synchronization progress.

    • When an error is encountered in workflows, synchronization will stop. Previously, it continued despite errors.

    • API response validation now supports multiple options to handle various cases, reducing the need for a decision step after the API call.

    • Conditional Builder Improvements

      • Only three values allowed now: DataHub Field, String and Number

      • Manually entered values in LHS or RHS will be considered as strings, except for DataHub values.

      • Added validation based on the selected operator.

      • Introduced new operators 'isTrue' and 'isFalse'.

  • Introducing background tasks.

    • Detailed log reports are prepared for download asynchronously. Once the file is ready, users receive an email notification and can download the file from the Background Tasks menu.

    • Background tasks records will be accessible for 3 days, after that it will be expired.

    • More long running services or tasks will be moved here to run asynchronously in the upcoming releases.

  • Support for UUID package added in both flows and workflows

  • The 'Now Modifier' now supports timezone and datetime formats.

  • The invitations page has been redesigned for a fresh look and improved user experience.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling and validation for cut, copy, and paste functions in workflows.

  • If the DataHub array has no values, the length will now be return as 0 instead of null.

  • Fixed search filter issues in Help & Support section

  • Fixed API call total records miscalculation in some cases.

  • Fixed source keyword issue and added support for patch APIs in mapping section.

  • Added support for CSV Writer for Dynamic (Lightning) calls.

  • Fixed issue with DataHub keys containing the '#' character not being fetched.

Integrator Lightning Services are also updated to v3.4.8

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