Product Roadmap

Key Features
Expected Release
Current Status
Q1, 2023
Done - v3.4.3
Q1, 2023
Done - v3.4.3
Q2, 2023
Q2, 2023
Yet to Start
Q3, 2023
Moved from Q2 to Q3
User Onboarding Features
Q4, 2023
Yet to Start

Improve Logs Page Performance using ElasticSearch

The log and detailed log pages are now serving with Elasticsearch and the performance has been improved. We will continue to monitor the performance to keep the log pages faster.

Simplifying Integrations

With our goal to improve the customer experience, we are working on simplifying the steps across all the pages. As a first step, we merged systems and API into one screen in the release v3.4.1
As a second step, in release v3.4.3, we merged credentials into the same screen, to group all system-related entities in one place and to manage it easily. We have received positive feedback from the customers and developers on this design change.
As a next step, we are currently working on revamping the structure and design of the flows and pipes to simplify the integration. This is a major change and we are expecting this to get completed at the end of Q2 or early Q3 2023.

Region-based Synchronizations

The pipe synchronizations are now executed in the same region with the help of multiple workers pool. As a next step, we plan to run the synchronizations in the respective region of the customers.

Failure Record Reprocessing

Currently, we allow the customers to reprocess in some particular systems if the synchronization is failed. We plan to expand to all the systems and improvise the reprocessing algorithm.