3.3.0 August 28, 2021

Release Notes 3.3.0

Features and Improvements

  1. Replication feature has been added in the Database Level for High Availability. This will cut off any downtime issue due to heavy loads in the database.

  2. Request OAUTH Library is upgraded to support signature HMAC_SHA256.

  3. Added Project Documents & Links features. Users can now add support documents or links for their projects.

  4. Restriction added on changing the status of the Flow, if the Flow is used in any pipes.

  5. The ability to send pipe-level email alerts is added.

  6. Company and Email ID is now displayed on the Support Ticket Page.

  7. Added the ability to find the System Usage.

  8. Added the ability to map project information with the Support Ticket.

  9. Added the ability to search related information in timezones.

  10. Removed restrictions that were earlier present in the Convertor Modifier. You will now be able to use other modifiers while using Convertor Modifier.

  11. Confirmation added - while trying to delete multiple lines in a flow.

  12. List of accounts sorted in Alphabetical Order in Switch Accounts.

  13. Added the ability to add comments for multiple lines in Flows.

  14. Converted the failed message as a link in the Integration Grid, which will redirect users to the respective Log.

  15. Added pagination in Contact Support.

  16. Validations added in Contact Support Module.

  17. Icons Updated on all pages.

  18. Moved list of pipes for a Flow under Flow Status Area.

  19. Drag and Drop feature added for file upload in Contact Support module.

  20. Auto-scroll added for new messages in Contact Support.

  21. Number of Snippets used in a flow is now displayed.

  22. Displayed UTC Time in the list of timezones.

  23. Removed Project Add/Edit options for users other than Account Owners.

Bug Fixes

  1. API from other projects will not be listed in Flows anymore

  2. Fixed Redirection issue when clicked on DCKAP Integrator links through email or any other sources

  3. Fixed show API usage feature in API managers

  4. Fixed data getting dumped twice when called through snippets

  5. Fixed API ID not getting updated in Flows during the project clone operation

  6. Fixed showing undefined error on few cases while running test connection

  7. Indication Message added for fields that are used in Modifiers in the Mapping Area

  8. COPY URL message updated based on the Pipe Type

  9. Fixed button unresponsive issue while test connection fails on few scenarios

  10. Fixed creating multiple Flow when clicked on save button multiple times (Only on edit mode)

  11. Message updated while clicking on Save and Save&Merge in Flows

  12. Fixed design issue with Project Invitations

  13. Fixed headers issue with SOAP Services

DCKAP Integrator Lightning Services

lightning.dckap.com has been updated with all the latest features. It will contain all features similar to v3.

Other Notes

A new modifier named as Convertor Modifier has been added under the Custom Modifier section. If you wish to use other modifiers along with the Convertor Modifier, use the Modifier which is under the Custom Modifier Section.

  1. We will be storing Logs only for the last 30 days. Anything older than 30 days is deleted permanently.

  2. Global Variables - If you are adding a new variable as a non-string in Global Variables, it will affect all the Flows which do not have that non-string variable. So as a best practice, use Non-String Global Variable cautiously.

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