3.1.8 - August 15, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.8

Features and Improvements

  1. API info will be displayed when user hovers over the API Handler in Flows Page.

  2. Swap Option in Convertor modifier Added.

  3. Code Snippets feature added in Flows Module.

  4. Detailed logs from the Logs module will open in a new tab.

  5. Task scheduling interval constraint updated. Minimum Interval Period updated to 5 minutes (Previous Minimum Interval Period was 1 minute).

  6. "24Hr to 12Hr Converter" and "12Hr to 24Hr Converter" modifier and handler are added. As the name suggests, this feature converts time from one format to the other.

  7. Time taken for every API call will now be tracked.

  8. Every Flow will now display the Pipes that it is linked to under the Pipes tab.

Bug Fixes

  1. During a dynamic call to V3 or lightning, 400 and 401 Status codes will be returned for disabled pipe and invalid credentials respectively.

  2. Timezone issue in Logs page is fixed.

  3. Load Credentials Handler Issue is fixed.

By default, the Activity Logs are disabled. To enable Activity Logs, navigate to your Project Settings and enable the Activity Logs.

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