Project Settings

Configure parameters for a project that will facilitate seamless execution and accurate results.
After creating a new project, it is best recommended that you update the project settings to enable smooth execution.
Project Settings
These settings include:



To schedule and manage everything in your timezone; Choose from the drop-down list

Console Logs

Enable Console Logs

To enable or disable console logs to be displayed in the Logs page.

Console Log Options

Four log display options are available to the user to choose from:
  • API Method and URL
  • API Request Information
  • API Response Information
  • API Header Information
  • API Params Information
Selected options will be logged for all Pipes in the Project.

Email Alerts

Enable Failure Alerts

To enable or disable synchronization-failure email alerts. These emails are sent if an error occurs during the data-synchronization.

Email Addresses

Provide one or more email addresses to which alerts have to be sent.

Failure Alert Options

Choose one of three options to trigger emails when the selected events happen:
  • All Failed
  • Partially Failed Only
  • Completed Failed Only
Email alerts can be set at the Pipe Level too. Click here to Learn More.