3.4.1 October 4, 2022

Release Notes 3.4.1


  1. Systems and API Module are merged to improve User Experience.

  2. Added CSP Support to improve security. Learn more.

  3. Amazon Selling Partner System (LWA Authentication) support.

  4. GraphQL Support and GraphQL Builder to build the schema with auto-suggestions.

  5. Ability to pass the dynamic token in raw body type in API calls.

  6. SFTP Advanced Handler - support to Windows systems.

  7. Improved console log file rotator algorithm to reduce log files.

  8. Added ability for the user to kill the pipe synchronizations.

  9. Ability to add multiple status codes in the system "token failure status code".

  10. Showing the current user access type on all pages and timezone on the logs page.

  11. Copy to clipboard option for log messages in detailed logs.

  12. Added ability to support file uploads in API calls.

Bug Fixes

  1. Unable to reuse the token for some systems - Fixed.

  2. TypeError when manual synchronizing an old pipe - Fixed.

  3. Dashboard graph is not accurate for a few customers - Fixed.

  4. Commented lines showing errors in flows - Fixed.

  5. Unable to save and merge in flows if source response is used - Fixed.

  6. System health check-up is not working properly for FTP and SFTP systems - Fixed.

  7. Removed a duplicate slash in copy url of dynamic pipes.

  8. Ability to access the log detailed page even when there is an error message.

  9. Closes SFTP connection once used.

  10. Activity logs performance improved.

Lightning Services are updated to v3.4.1

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