3.3.5 May 26, 2022

Release Notes 3.3.5


  1. Performance has been drastically improved across all the pages

  2. Google Merchant Center OAuth2 Support has been added

  3. FTP Advanced Handler has been introduced with the ability to list, delete, rename, move, change permission for files and create a directory in the remote location using the established FTP connection

  4. Login and register pages are redesigned

  5. Time split up for individual API Calls has been included in the logs page

  6. When importing templates into a project, the ability to have systems as global is provided

  7. Notification sounds are removed

  8. Type of Authentication for keys is shown on API Keys (formerly mentioned as Generate Keys) page

  9. The feature of selecting lines and exporting in flows has been added

  10. In Systems & API Manager, JSON Validation for request and response has been added

Bug Fixes

  1. Slow loading issue of manage access page is fixed

  2. In Advanced Modifier Datatype Converter, datatype argument can be passed with or without quotations

  3. API Call handler's header format has been changed to JSON in flows

  4. An issue with comment and uncomment multiple lines in flow has been resolved

  5. The page blank issue when searching API Name in mapping handler and searching status code in return handler of flows is fixed

  6. While exporting or importing flows, the source response is considered now

  7. Mapping unstable issue when modifying fields in API Manager and updating API in flows has been resolved

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