3.4.4 May 16, 2023

Release Notes 3.4.4


  1. Users can now schedule the pipes at any timezone.

  2. Redesigned projects screen to improve the user experience

    1. Allows the user to view and manage all the projects in one place

    2. Default accounts are invalid now. Introduced "starred" projects to manage your favourites.

    3. No more switching accounts.

  3. Improved performance when transferring the project.

  4. Simplified delete project screen by merging the steps

  5. Optimized configuration loading to improve performance across all pages

  6. IFELSE in Advanced Modifier now supports comparison operators

  7. Added activity tracking for API test connection

  8. Created error queue for elastic search logs consumer to handle any failures

  9. Improved whats new module to highlight key features

  10. Improved account password security restrictions

  11. Detailed log entity id/message can be searched from the logs page itself

  12. Provided the ability to modify the global APIs for testing.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. Sort is not working as expected on the second and other pages - Fixed

  2. Mapping configure disabled when the flow is saved without merging in some cases - Fixed

  3. Project document uploads of more than 5Mb are very slow - Fixed

  4. Dashboard - last 30 days' data missing today's data - Fixed

  5. Test connection log is different for FTP & SFTP systems - Fixed

  6. Remove health check-up while deleting credentials - Addressed

  7. Getting EOF error in email handler when the user presses enter key - Fixed

  8. Status filter & entity id search with special characters issue in elastic search logs - Fixed

  9. Bugs during clone project - Fixed

  10. Fixed various bugs in systems and support module

  11. Failure alert emails will show the dates in the project timezone

  12. Unicode decode error in FTP & SFTP reader when the user has not provided the charset - Fixed

  13. "Access provided by" is shown in the Manage Access section

  14. Email acknowledgements for transfer and leave the project for both the project owner and recipient.

  15. Re-enabling the pipes after disabling stops the scheduler - Fixed

Integrator Lightning Services are also updated to v3.4.4

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