3.1.4 - April 27, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.4

Features and Improvements

1.Deployed new host specifically for dynamic services. You can use the below URL from this release for all your dynamic services in integrator.dckap.com

New URL - https://lightning.dckap.com/v1/dynamic/listener/{pipe_id}

You can also get the same URL from the COPY URL button in the Integrations page of your project

a. Old URL will also work fine as usual. If you feel that the dynamic services are responding late at times, you may update to this new URL. We recommend you to update to the new URL at the earliest.

b. If you face any connection error while connecting a dynamic services call through the new URL, then you should whitelist the below IP in your client system. IP -

c. Above features are not applicable for the projects that are in staging server.

2. Your account will be frozen if the trial period is expired. Contact us to extend the trial period.

Users who are accessing only the Projects page, can signup using the Lite Plan (Free Plan) in which you wont have the above issues. Users under Lite Plan will not be able to create projects.

3. Console logs will be automatically deleted except the last 5 days records.

4. Dynamic services will not be able to log more than 5 MB in console log.

5. Pricing Page is updated with new designs.

6. Modifiers Added/Updated


  • Slice Modifier - Capable of Slicing a string/list using the index

  • Math Modifier - Capable of handling Arithmetic operations


  • Converter Modifier - NoneType and Boolean Type can be handled

  • Raw Modifier - Capable of checking the existence of source value and send some raw value. Capable of handling Null and Boolean Types

7. Added the ability to customize your project settings, to send notification email if anything goes wrong during the sync.

8. Added ability to use variables in Increment handler in Flows.

Bug Fixes

  1. NoneType and Boolean Types are handled in all modifiers. null will not be returned as string type anymore.

  2. Fixed error while performing test connection in transferred or cloned projects

  3. Inconsistency in performing modifier operation fixed

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