The Systems page is where users can add, edit, and maintain systems with its APIs and credentials for a project. These APIs will be used in building Flows and Integration pipes.

The individual platforms that DCKAP Integrator directly connects to, or connects using APIs are known as systems. For example, ERP is a system. These systems need to be configured in DCKAP Integrator in order to be able to communicate with them (read, write, and update data).

Add/Edit System

Click on the Add New button on the Systems page. Here users will be able to choose any existing global/public system and configure its credentials. These credentials will be used to authorize the API connections in flows.

Step 1: Choose a system

Step 2: Provide credentials

Provide the necessary keys. Learn more.

Step 3: Test credentials

Test your credentials with the fresh token. Learn more.

Custom Systems

If you cannot find the system that you are looking for, you can create a custom system and use it. These systems are private and only accessible to the project members.

pageCustom Systems

API Manager

As a next step, to view, add and manage this system's APIs, navigate here.

pageAPI Manager

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