Since the feature is in beta, what can we expect?

When a feature is in beta, it means it's in a user testing phase, so you can expect a few key things.

First, there may be some issues or bugs to encounter since it's not the final version. Second, beta features often receive frequent updates as we work to improve them based on your feedback.

Lastly, as a beta user, you have the unique opportunity to influence the feature's development by providing feedback and helping shape its final version. It's a chance to be an early adopter and play a role in its evolution.

When are we planning to transition this feature from beta to full-release status?

Workflows - Phase 2 is underway. We are expecting this to be completed in early January 2024.

What are the systems which are not supported in workflows yet?

FTP, SFTP, MySQL and MSSQL are not supported in workflows now. Phase 2 is in development and you can expect these features in the next release.

Do we have the ability to migrate integrations from the old approach to workflows?

For now, No. We may come up with a migration tool in the coming months. As there will not be much difference between the old and new approach in terms of capabilities, you can keep your existing integrations, as it is.

We encourage you to start building new integrations in Workflows.

Are there any known key issues in this beta release?

  • Unstable field row checking is not enabled in the Mapping Section

We will be adding more details here as we identify it.

In case of any other issues or feature requests, how to reach out?

Like you always do. Through Support Ticketing Portal.

  • Click the "Help & Support" Icon on the bottom-left of the application

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