Flow Builder

At the heart of our application lies the innovative Flow Builder, your key to crafting seamless integrations that connect and streamline your systems. This robust tool simplifies the complexity of integrating various applications and services. It offers a wide array of features and a user-friendly interface to empower you to create, manage, and optimize your workflows effortlessly.
Flow Builder is designed with efficiency in mind. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the world of integration, this tool simplifies the process. The left-to-right layout mirrors the logical progression of your workflows, enhancing their understandability.

Key Terminologies


An "action" typically represents a specific task or operation within a workflow or integration process. Actions such as making API calls, sending emails, processing data, or any other operation that needs to be executed as part of the workflow. Actions are the individual building blocks of any integration workflow.


A "step" refers to an individual unit or stage within the workflow that represents a specific action. Steps serve to organize and structure a workflow, defining the order in which actions are executed.


A "column" is a vertical section used to display and organize actions within a structured workflow. Each column represents a level or branch of the workflow. Columns help users visually navigate and understand the workflow.

Data Hub

It is a hub for data exchange, storing responses from all previously executed steps. These stored information are constant and cannot be modified.

Global Variables

Global variables can be declared in project settings and account settings. They allow you to define variables that can be accessed and used across your project or account. Learn more.

Special Variables

Special variables are built-in keywords available and unique to the respective workflow. These are constant and the values cannot be modified in the flows. Example: Current Date Time

Unique Left to Right Layout

The workflow page is vertically split into multiple columns. Each column represents a level or branch of the workflow with its steps. Workflows should be read from left to right, top to bottom.
On clicking an option from API Call or Decision action, a column will appear on the right with its steps. This will go on a loop as long there is an option.
Only one option in a column can be active to view its steps. Two options in the same column cannot be selected simultaneously. Always only one will be active.


All-in-One Integration Hub
Exceptional User Interface
Endless Possibilities
Gone are the days of juggling multiple pages to build an integration. With the new Flow Builder, you have a comprehensive integration hub that allows you to build, test, run, debug, and monitor logs all on a single page. It's a one-stop solution for your integration needs, simplifying the entire process from start to finish.
The user interface is the gateway to powerful integrations. We've invested in creating a simple, unique, and user-friendly experience that caters to your needs. Whether you're implementing custom logic, making API calls, logging events, or sending emails, you'll find our builder both versatile and easy to navigate.
Our Flow Builder opens the door to limitless integration possibilities. It doesn't matter whether you're connecting two applications or orchestrating a complex network of systems – our tool is up to the task. Build, test, run, debug, and monitor your integrations seamlessly, and gain full control over your data and processes.