3.1.1 - March 13, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.1

Key Features

  1. Transfer project ability implemented

  2. Console logs greater than 5 MB can be downloaded as a text file

  3. Updated detailed log count in main log to reflect in the logs page on every refresh

Bug Fixes

  1. D69 - Typo Fix - Spelling Mistake in the Under Available Cards as No cards "Display"

  2. D70 - Email Handler Subject and Message Non string type not working

  3. D65 - Alert message should be displayed when the user is added individually to the Project

  4. Change password 404 error

  5. View logs from pipe and pipe filter not working

  6. Download logs report not working

  7. When the administrator view project access, it will show "you" with no revoke/change access button.

  8. Checked permission of user in dynamic calls

  9. Pipe title - overlap in Lenovo systems

  10. Logs date filter overlap with button in Lenovo systems

  11. Email image missing in V3 for user access mails

  12. Don’t show delete console if console is empty

  13. Import export mapping bug

  14. Shown access level in list of users - privileges

  15. Auto mode icon click - turn off but not reflecting immediately in below line

  16. Auto mode turn off in below line popup, not able to schedule

  17. Auto mode turn on in below line popup, not turning on auto-mode

  18. Auto mode in list view issues

  19. Accessing work-space URL before login - error - should be redirected to login page

  20. Invitations red dot notification is missing

  21. Settings save - Confirmation message missing

  22. Account expiry n days - does not change

Features Implemented/Added

  1. Delete console button design implemented

  2. Delete console action loader implemented

  3. Total users count shown in added users of manage access

  4. Displayed alerts and confirmation after providing/revoking user access

  5. Reuse generated token to avoid creating multiple tokens

  6. "Leave project" confirmation added

  7. "View all" link added in dashboard projects area

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