3.1.9 - September 3, 2020

Release Notes 3.1.9

Features and Improvements

  1. Option to log REQUEST HEADER in CONSOLE LOG is added. It can be enabled in Project settings.

  2. A new Email handler (Email Sender) has been introduced in Flows with an option to configure the recipients' list as non-string type.

  3. CLONE Option displayed for ADMIN Users (Previously it was visible only to Project Owners).

  4. Added ability to FILTER logs based on SUCCESS & FAILURE COUNTS.

  5. TOTAL TIME TAKEN BY API calls in a particular sync will be displayed in the Logs page.

  6. Projects will be listed in the sorted order in Switch Project Drop Down.

  7. Project Name and Pipe Name is accessible through a variable in Flows Module namely current_project, current_pipe.

  8. The following events are newly being tracked in Activity Logs:

    1. Console Log Enable/Disable

    2. Automode Enable/Disable

    3. Changing Automode Schedule

    4. Time Status Enable/Disable

  9. The ability to PING YOUR SYSTEMS in a regular interval in Credentials Edit Page has been added. An email will be triggered to Project Owners and Admins, if the system is down.

  10. Console LOG FILE NAME has been renamed with User-Friendly Names.

  11. Designs Updated for Filter Module in All Grids.

  12. Renamed Railway Time Modifier to 12Hr to 24Hr convertor.

  13. Renamed Normal Time Modifier to 24Hr to 12Hr convertor.

Bug Fixes

  1. Color issue in Failure Log fixed.

  2. Bug in Filtering All Failed Logs fixed.

  3. Fixed Modifier indication issue in Mapping page for cloned pipes.

  4. Fixed Timezone issue in Activity logs for subaccounts.

1. Send Email Handler is Deprecated. But it will be operational for the next few releases. We will not be giving any updates for that handler in the future. Moving forward, we recommend using the Email Sender handler which is added in the current release.

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