DCKAP Integrator

Plans & Pricing

Displays the subscribed plan name along with the associated features and pricing information. It also provides the ability to manage credit and debit card details for payments.

Plan Features

Displays current plan name and the associated list of features.


Add new card

Based on the subscription plan, user's card will be charged either a recurring monthly or yearly fee. Provide your card details along with your name in this section.
Card details must be provided before the trial period expires, or your account will be frozen.

Manage Cards

The user can manage all added cards from one place and can assign one card as the 'default' card to make recurring payments. Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the card, to manage your card settings:
  • Set Default
  • Edit
  • Remove

Upgrade Plan

The Upgrade button allows you to upgrade to a higher plan with improved features. Click on the Upgrade button and provide the necessary information. Our support team will get back to you shortly.