Manage Access

Here, the project owner and administrator can give project access to different users and user groups.


To add a User to the Project, provide the email address of the User, give the necessary access permission - either Admin or Standard and, click on Add User.
  • Admin: Has the privilege of project owner with the following limitations:
    • cannot delete the project and
    • cannot transfer the project
  • Standard: Has the privilege of Admin with the following limitations:
    • cannot delete the project
    • cannot transfer the project
    • cannot modify configuration/settings
    • cannot provide project access to any other users/groups
An invitation will be sent to the user to accept or reject the access.
Non-DCKAP Integrator users may also be added to the project. An invitation will be sent out to them to sign up for a DCKAP Integrator account.
The email addresses of added users are displayed in the lower left section of the page. Here, the project owner can see if the User has accepted or rejected the access invite. Also, the user's access level can be modified or revoked by the project owner/admin if needed.
Manage Access

User Groups

Here, the project owner/admin can add a User Group to give access to the project. (The User Group can be added only once the users in the group have accepted the Group invite). Once the User Group is added, it will be displayed in the lower right section of the page. The access permission for this group is already defined in the User Groups page. A Revoke button is present, which allows the project owner/admin to remove access for the User Group.
An email will not be sent to individual users of the group when the group is added to a project.
The project owner/administrator can only add groups that they own to the project. They cannot add groups owned by some other users.