DCKAP Integrator


The Projects page is considered the epicenter of the integration process, where users can create, edit and access all the projects that they have access to.
Projects Screen
At first glance, it provides an outline of basic information about a project such as Project Name, Project Description and Created by, in tabular form.
Users can also do the following from the Projects list:
  • Manage Button: To navigate to the Project space, where the user can access, edit and create different features (Integrations, Credentials, Flows and so on) of the project. More information about building and managing a project can be found here (Building a Project section).
  • Transfer Ownership: To make another user the "Project Owner" of that Project.
After user A has transferred project ownership to user B, user A will have the access level of "admin".

Add New Project

Users can create a new project by clicking on the Add New button in the top left section. Fill out the following fields:
Field Name
Assign a suitable name for the project
Provide a brief overview of the project